The advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring

The advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring:
Advantages of laminate flooring:
  • Laminate flooring is Uniform color, good visual effect.
  • Compared with solid wood flooring,its has high wear-resisting property,has higher flame retardant performance, good anti-pollution and corrosion resistance, good anti-pressure and anti-impact property.
  • Luckyforest laminate flooring easy to clean and care.
  • The dimensional stability is good, therefore, the gap between the flooring is small,not easy to arch.
  • Easy to pave
  • The price of laminate flooring is cheaper than vinyl flooring.
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Disadvantages of Laminate flooring:

  • Compared with solid wood flooring, this kind of flooring because of density is bigger, so foot feeling is slightly inferior.
  • The flooring can be repaired poorly, once damaged, must be replaced.
  • Due to the use of formaldehyde adhesive in the flooring process , so the flooring  there is a certain degree of formaldehyde release, if the formaldehyde emission exceeds a certain standard, will have a certain impact on human health, and environmental pollution.
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