The difference between laminate flooring in China and in Germany laminate flooring

Although we are laminate flooring manufacturer in China,we’re not like everyone else,they just know what their strengths are.We want to analyze the disadvantages of China’s laminate wood flooring, and know their weaknesses, in order to better improve, better to provide customers with high quality and cheap price laminate flooring.

china laminate flooring hdf

china laminate flooring hdf

The difference between laminate flooring in China and in Germany laminate flooring:

The advantages of China’s laminate flooring

1,Raw material: 90% of laminate flooring in China using populus as the materials, because of populus production speed, low production cost,conducive to the long-term development of the environment, in addition populus water absorption is weak. The base material density of the laminate flooring varies from 700KG/M3 to 900KG/M3 and is available to different customers.

2,Colors:Because of the Chinese color factory of flooring is more,and the factory concentrated, each color factory can cooperate with each other, the market has more than ten thousand colors can choose, also can according to different customer request.

3,Wear-resistant layer: China is a large processing power of laminate wood flooring and the wear-resistant layer level is from AC1 to AC5, which can meet all customers’ requirements.

4,Surfaces : China has a wide variety of surfaces, such as high glossy , crystal , small embossed,medium embossed,large embossed, embossed in register, wood grain , hand-scraped, etc

5,Thickness:The thickness currently available in the Chinese market is 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm and 12 mm

6,Cheap price:As we know,the price of china’s laminate flooring is cheaper than German . Many German flooring companies have set up production bases in China.

7,Policy advantages: China and many countries have the most favored nation status,attend to certificate of origin may be subject to zero tariff.

laminate flooring ac3

laminate flooring ac3

The disadvantages of China’s laminate flooring


Cheap is the advantage and disadvantage of china’s laminate flooring, price competition is the root of all quality problem.

As we all know, the ultimate goal of business is to make money, in the face of many competitors, Chinese suppliers repeatedly cut prices, in order to obtain orders, suppliers have to lower the configuration in exchange for low-priced.

So , you thought you bought it for $3, and when you buy the cheap flooring and lay it down on the floor, you’ll cry a month later.

I do not recommend that customers blindly pursue low prices, I suggest that customers buy high quality with cheap price flooring, in the same level of configuration, choose the cheapest manufacturers.

The characteristics of Germany laminate flooring

1,Raw material:70% laminate flooring of German  is made of pine wood as base material, and the base material density is large, all of which are HDF.

2,Color: the color of Germany is more concentrated, with warm hues dominant.

3.Surface: the surface of laminate flooring of Germany is single, usually have small embosssed, high glossy,and embossed in register surface.

4,Thickness: 80 % of Germany’s laminate flooring is 8 mm, while a few German laminate flooring is 12 mm.

12mm laminate flooring

12mm laminate flooring