In June 2017,we signed laminate flooring sales contract with EDDY

In June 2017,we signed laminate flooring sales contract with EDDY

In June 2017,we signed laminate flooring sales contract with EDDY,EDDY Company is the largest home supermarket chain in Saudi Arabia,the largest laminate flooring factory in northern China provides the services of laminate flooring and pvc vinyl flooring for Saudi Arabia’s largest building home store,We union EDDY to launch laminate wood flooring 8mm small embosssed grey series.

Saudi Arabia climate is hot,the sun illumination time is long,we introduced German design and color,the surface of laminate flooring anti-radiation, luckyforest flooring use the advanced 4D printing technologies,the texture of luckyforest flooring is clear, bring the warmth of nature.

factory sale laminate flooring high quality

factory sale laminate flooring high quality

As the largest supplier of laminate flooring in China,we welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory of laminate flooring and our factory of vinyl flooring,We will offer the cheapest prices for the same quality and let each dealer make the biggest profits.

factory direct sale laminate flooring

factory direct sale laminate flooring

Wood laminate flooring for Saudi Orden NO.:170726,total: 12 x 20’containers for building of Saudi.


The configuration of the first order is as follows:

Order NO.#170726

Product:Laminate flooring with click

1220 x 199 x 8mm hdf ac3 class31 waterproof

Place of Origin:Shandong,China

Brand Name:EDDY

Model Number:LS7A09,LS4006,D908,LS009,SN8


Thickness: 8.3mm

Wearlayer: AC3 Class31

Core Style: Green

Water Resistence: Waterproof(wax)

Click: Double Click

Surface: Small Embossed,small texture

Purpose: residential (living room or bedroom)

Thanks to Colombia for the trust of laminate flooring purchaser,the order number is:total three 20 feet containers, the configuration is as follows:

export laminate flooring for saudi

We provide high quality laminate flooring and low cost for Saudi customers and support the country’s construction in Saudi!

Saudi oil reserves are the second largest in the world,and Saudi Arabia is the world’s leading oil exporter and second largest producer. Proven reserves, according to figures provided by the Saudi government, are estimated to be 260 billion barrels (41 km3), about one-quarter of world oil reserves. Petroleum in Saudi Arabia is not only plentiful but under pressure and close to the earth’s surface. This makes it far cheaper and thus far more profitable to extract petroleum in Saudi Arabia than in many other places.The petroleum sector accounts for roughly 92.5% of Saudi budget revenues,97% of export earnings, and 55% of GDP.

Another 40% of GDP comes from the private sector. An estimated 7.5 (2013) million foreigners work legally in Saudi Arabia,playing a crucial role in the Saudi economy,for example, in the oil and service sectors.The government has encouraged private sector growth for many years to lessen the kingdom’s dependence on oil, and to increase employment opportunities for the swelling Saudi population. In recent decades the government has begun to permit private sector and foreign investor participation in sectors such as power generation and telecom, and acceded to the WTO. During much of the 2000s,high oil prices enabled the government to post budget surpluses, boost spending on job training and education, infrastructure development, and government salaries. More than 95% of all Saudi oil is produced on behalf of the Saudi Government by the parastatal giant Saudi Aramco,and the remaining 5% by similar parastatal companies as of 2002.

The growth of new premises will require a large number of laminate flooring and building materials.Recently, there are many new customers who want to buy more colors and more surfaces  in an order, which will help customers better try the color and improve sales. We try our best to help our customers,for new customers: each color MOQ is 300M2, each surface MOQ is 1000M2.

We also produce VINYL FLOORING, purchasers can choose VINYL FLOORING and laminate flooring in one container.

We are more flexible purchasing methods, and all of our distributors together to improve sales!