Factory sale laminate flooring cheap price 12 mm

The LABSUN Factory of laminate flooring starts to have big sale on the stock flooring in 2019. Here are some stock laminated wood flooring which can not be loaded into our customers’ containers in 2019. There are more than 20 kinds of colors laminated flooring, different quantity for each color with favorable price.

The following colors designs are the 12 mm stock laminate wood flooring:

Laminate flooring 12mm cheap price, HDF AC4 Class32
manufacturer of laminate flooring sale cheap price flooring 12mm
manufacturer of laminate flooring sale discount 12 mm laminated flooring
factory sale laminate wood flooring cheap price, stock waterproof laminate flooring

Don’t miss this opportunity! Those selected today may be taken away by other customers tomorrow. Please contact the salesman without hesitation!

factory of laminate flooring for sale low price, 12 mm laminate flooring AC 4 waterproof

LABSUN is a leading manufacturer of wood flooring in the China flooring field. At present, we have three state-of-the-art “Haojing” flooring production lines and one “Samsung” floor production line. We also have two German “Power” floor production lines and 7 sets of ultra-high pressure presses and can produce more than 5 million square meters of various kinds of wood flooring every year. The company focuses on research and innovation of laminate flooring and solid wood composite flooring. It not only develops nearly 200 series of surface color technologies, but also continuously improves and innovates existing technologies to achieve a true floor art feast, such as: crystal rays, high-definition art, embossed in register art, embossed art, hand-scrapped art, wood grain art, antique parquet art, fish herringbone art, and other unique art crafts.

LABSUN is an “Oriental Woodmaker” specializing in researching, developing, producing and selling of laminate flooring and solid wood  flooring. It gathers the earliest professionals in the development and production of wood flooring, and controls the core processes of floor production and research and development. LABSUN flooring uses LABSUN wood spirit and cultural legend to make wood and writes  innovative and aspirant life for LABSUN floor.

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