China manufacturer sale laminate flooring fireproof

We offer the service of OEM brand of laminate flooring for global customers.
Laminate floors are durable, competitively priced, easy to maintain and they offer homeowners a limitless variety of choices. Our huge selection of laminate colors and styles gives you an authentic wood look to fit practically any room in your home. Laminate floors offer unlimited potential on a limited budget.
kronotex german technology 12mm laminate flooring


China manufacturer sale laminate flooring fireproof

Largest manufacturer of laminate flooring and vinyl flooring in China, we offer cheap price laminate wood flooring and high quality laminate floating for clients of the world, we offer OEM service, print your brands laminate wood flooring for free.We produce thickness of laminate flooring 7mm 8mm 11mm and 12mm,
Welcome to visit our factory of laminate flooring 8mm 12mm ac3 ac4 in China.

diffirent surface of laminate flooring wood floor

diffirent surface of laminate flooring wood floor


  • Creativity and recycling china top quality laminate wood flooring:
    At the end of its useful life, laminate flooring hdf mdf can be reused or recycled as a source of energy, are fully combustible and will burn without producing dangerous emissions. Few emissions of valatiles organic compounds. Its nature without glue makes it a clean product for installation.
  • Moisture resistance laminated flooring china cheap cost:
    Special and unique treatment so that ac3 ac4 floating floor laminate floor avoid the entry of moisture. After the particular installation, even more can be used in the bathroom.
  • Comfort when walking waterproof laminate flooring:
    The stability of laminate floating floor high quality guarantees comfort when walking.
  • The hardness of the floating laminate floor surface prevents the proliferation of dust and bacteria. Acoustic Comfort.
  • Best laminate flooring Keep the noise away from your rooms.
  • Laminate flooring plank cleaning facility:
    Just pass the mop and vacuum laminate floating floor to keep it clean
  • Laminate wood flooring resistance to stains:
    Floating laminate flooring is not so stamped, since stains are easy to remove.

China manufacturer sale laminate flooring fireproof




Technical SpecificationStandardUnitResult/Caracteristic
Abrasuib resustabceEN13329RoundsClass 31/AC3:35g=3000r

Class 32/AC4:45g=4500r

Class 33/AC5:65g=6500r

Thickness of laminate floormm8MM
Design of bevel flooringV-Groove, Standard Edge
Density of BaseboardEN13329KG/M3860KG/M3,900KG/M3
Impact resistanceEN13329mm8mm
Water AbsorptionEN13329%5%
Moisture ContentEN322%4%-7%
Formaldehyde ReleasedE1,E0Mg/LE1≤1.5Mg/L, E0≤0.3Mg/L
Light fastnessISO105Blue wool, de parte B02,≤6, de parte A02,≤4
Static indentationEN438-2,14N≥3.0N
Reaction to fireEN438-2,18≥Class 4

Surface Treatment of laminate flooring click:
High gloss surface laminated floor
Laminated flooring edge:
Squareedge,U groove laminate flooring
Laminate flooring Click system:
Double Click,Unilin click laminate flooring
Density of laminate flooring china:
Delivery time:within 10 days after receive the advance payment.

china factory of laminate flooring ac3 ac4

china factory of laminate flooring ac3 ac4

Packing Details of flooring laminate:

Laminate flooring with pallets
1220 x 199 x 8.3mm102.427860202913
1218 x 198 x 8.3mm102.4116460202894
1220 x 169 x 8.3mm102.061860202474

Packing Details of flooring laminate:

Laminate flooring without pallets
1220 x 199 x 8.3mm102.427814003399
1218 x 198 x 8.3mm102.4116414003376
1220 x 169 x 8.3mm102.061816003299
1220 x 199 x 12.3mm102.42789202233
1220 x 169 x 12.3mm102.061810672199

The versatility of laminate flooring lets you choose the style you want with the durability you need for any room.The surface texture laminate wood flooring is realistic, can be decorated into modern classical style, or rural style.

prima hdf laminate flooring

prima hdf laminate flooring

Our material of laminate flooring: Fine fiber,with woody spicy flavors.

Using high quality raw materials, HDF high density fiberboard, maintain wood instinctive quality

Some of the advantages of choosing wood laminate flooring for your home are:

Durability: Laminate floors are durable while being both pet-friendly and family-friendly in high-traffic areas.
Tough Finish Layer: The top layer is treated to protect the laminate floor from fading, stains, and wear.
Cost Effective: Laminate floors are a great hardwood alternative for budget-conscious homeowners.

How to produce the best laminate flooring?

We would like to show you the production process of a perfect laminate flooring.

china laminate flooring suppliers

china laminate flooring suppliers

Professional manufacturer of laminate flooring:

Advanced production equipment:

We introduce 3 most advanced HOMAG international production line and 5 most advanced HAOJING national production line, 2 Samsung FAST production line, 2 WEINIG production line, 7 super high pressure machines. We apply the modern molecular vibration technology for degreasing and drying, according to the ambient temperature and different raw materials. Moreover, we apply the second dry to ensure that the floor is not deformed.

Quality Control:

Adopting the rigorous technology of Germans and their flooring technique, we set up our own Independent R & D center, concentrated on the design and innovation of flooring. The inspection of finished product is the last step to control the quality, and also is the crucial step. The testing must make sure these three aspects:the samples must be 100% pass the test; all the flooring should be tested completely according to testing process;the material must meet the international standard. In our testing room of finished product, we test the flooring by all kinds of quality inspection.

Welcome all customers to visit our factory, we will provide laminate flooring of high quality and low price.

Something very important to consider: how to choose the best laminate floor ?. When we look for the best laminate floor for a space, it is also necessary to think about the size of the place, the level of activity of the space. Also the location inside your home or work site.

But … how to choose the best laminate floor? The best laminate flooring for your home, commercial premises or workplace is the one that best suits your lifestyle. When you choose a quality laminate floor, you will get an easy-care surface. As always lasting in time, with greater resistance compared to other imported floors. The laminate floor also gets every nuanced detail of genuine wood, stone, marble or ceramic. This generates that you can be completely sure that you will enjoy a beautiful and fabulous floor visually similar to the material you are looking for.

Already in different spaces, select wide boards of laminate flooring, if you want your floor to simulate wood. These tables of measures with more width allow to see the impression and betas of the floor more run since they do not see so many unions generating illusion of a wider space. Lighter colors work best for small rooms because they make the spaces look bigger and brighter.

Any type of room where there is much activity assumes that there is great wear. With our laminate floors, it’s something you will not have to worry about. Laminate floors are tough and durable, and can easily support multiple characters such as pets and children. Even a whole battalion of people present at a house party.

The best laminate floor for high traffic areas we recommend a mid range of shades imitating wood, or a pattern in natural stone and laminate. Something important is to choose a color with shades for cabinets and furniture in space. Colors similar to the floor or contrast to create a harmonious decoration. With this you can create a harmonious decoration.


It is always important to think about the definition of an entire space. That is, look at the rooms adjacent to the most important place in your home and how the floor in those spaces will interact. As they connect, the best laminate floor for a space is one that complements and matches the existing floor in the other places of my space to decorate. For larger rooms, the wider tables allow a more correct direction of what you are looking for in that space.

Choosing the best laminate floor for a room is something of a lot of personality. Keep in mind our recommendations. And you will create a truly unique and beautiful space.