Quality Control

The best laminate flooring doesn’t happen by accident, which is why we use a strict QC system to ensure quality laminate flooring is produced each and every time.

Our products undergo strict quality control from the initial selection of raw materials through all stages of production and packaging:

At pressing, for example, our QC managers will make sure temperatures are controlled to around 200 degrees Celsius (400 degrees Fahrenheit); After the large boards are cut into planks they will make sure the acclimation time is sufficient, e.g. 5-7 days for cooler months and 7-10 days in the hot summer months; Once fully grooved each laminate flooring plank is strictly inspected with anything unqualified discarded. Everything qualified will be dusted, packed into cartons and stacked high (not exceeding 3 meters), ready for exportation.

All the products are up to EN13329. As professional laminate flooring manufacturers, we are dedicated to producing the best laminate flooring and in order to provide high quality laminate flooring, Beflooring brings in state of the art equipment, outfitting advanced production lines, meanwhile our technicians are always onsite.

Additionally, to offer the best laminate flooring, we have a special laboratory in the factory for flooring tests. Random samples will be picked out from the new batch of products and undergo the test in the lab. Only qualified products can be delivered to our customers. Meanwhile, from each batch of products we will keep a few samples as a record in case customers may encounter quality problems. From the beginning of production right to packing and container loading, we promise to do the best and we believe only strict quality control can produce the best laminate flooring.

Among so many laminate flooring suppliers in China, Beflooring realise the importance of standing out from the crowd and after more than a decade in the industry we are adamant that consistently supplying high quality laminate flooring is the key to success. Actually, laminate flooring quality has become part of our spirit.

As a qualified laminate flooring supplier, Beflooring not only emphasizes on quality, but also pays attention to the price. Producing the best laminate flooring both for quality and value is our ultimate commitment and our 12 years manufacturing experience has given us the ability to offer you the best of both.

So if you’re seeking the best laminate flooring why not give Beflooring a try? We won’t disappoint and our one-stop service will make you more than satisfied.